B Corp Certification Readiness Resources

Ensure your company is ready for B Corp Certification by downloading our B Corp Certification Readiness Resources.

Download below.

Download B Corp Certification Readiness Resources below.


Thinking about applying for B Corp Certification? We want to ensure that the B Corp Certification process is a positive and transformative experience no matter where you are in your impact journey.

The path to Certification illuminates areas of positive impact and surfaces aspects where more work is needed. It is common for companies to spend many months or even years working toward achieving a score of 80 or higher in order to be eligible to submit their B Impact Assessment (BIA) for review. Around 60% of companies that submit for review do not end up certifying. In order to set you up to experience a positive Review process, we want to ensure you are adequately prepared. 

Download our Certification Readiness Bundle. The resources included are:

  • A Certification Readiness Checklist and Deck to help you assess if you are ready to submit or if you have more work to do. These resources cover common barriers in the review process and serve as a guide to help you identify them in your own journey. They also provide clarity on what you can expect during your B Corp Review when you do submit.
  • Legal Requirement Resource that explains the why and how of meeting the legal requirement for Certification.