B Corp Certification Legal Requirement Resource

Find out what your company needs to do to get ready for the legal requirement portion of B Corp Certification by downloading our Legal Requirement Resource today.


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Download the B Corp Certification Legal Requirement Resource below.


The Legal Requirement Resource explains the why and how of meeting the legal requirement for Certification. The B Corp legal framework helps companies protect mission through capital raises and leadership changes and gives entrepreneurs and directors more flexibility when evaluating potential sale and liquidity options. 

The B Corp Legal Framework requires companies to adopt a broad purpose to create material positive impact on society and the environment and modify director obligations so that they are required to consider the impact of their actions on all their stakeholders. The intention of these legal changes is to ensure that all decisions at the company, whether it is a decision about taxes or wages or factory location include an analysis of how it would impact the company’s stakeholders and that there is accountability to this consideration. Learn more by downloading this resource.